See you again in March

Hey, we are taking the month of February at least off, we may be playing in March sometime and of course that will be posted here. We plan to work on finishing up our album! An EP should be out soon, with an album release still undetermined so stay tuned!

Changes are coming!

Hey all, I know the website isn’t the way it was, but we are in the process of making it better! Stay tuned for further updates. Also I wanted to thank those who made it out on our November 9th show, I hope most of you got our present of the roses!! At any rate remember we have a download or our single Every Bitter Memory at Check it out. We hope to have some more music released soon!!


This is the new Stasis of Seasons blog. It’s a little rough right now, but please stay tuned as we will continue to make changes and updates.


We our excited to announce an upcoming show at one of our favorite venues, Lost Lake Lounge. Check us out November 9th! That’s a Saturday, so you have no excuse!